Friday, December 18, 2009


We recently received some wonderful drenching rain. I no longer keep a range gauge, because I always worry we receive too much or too little, and without a gauge it is always just right! BUT, I am told by Eric the Bold that his gauge registered 9 inches. When we get such rainfall we travel the ranch roads and make sure that we keep as much as we can from running down the roads and creating ruts. A few months ago Eric the Bold bought this little heifer for his sweetheart and when the rains began back in October I offered her the use of the barn. The calf not the sweetheart! Of course, that means I am doing the twice a day bottle feedings most of the time. I like the little heifer even though she is a little introverted and unfriendly. Although she is quite taken with Charlie and follows him everywhere. He needed a new sidekick. His sweetheart, Charity, the filly with the broken hip, was accepted by a local animal rescue and the Kidd A and Kidd B are in the freezer and Frank the male goat is off working at the dairy goat farm and Flower the female goat is soon to go back to her old home. Whew. That is alot of changes on the animal front in one run on sentence!
This was our view this morning as we headed out on a road trip to go visit our daughter and son-in-law in Las Vegas. I had to get out of the car and take some photos and offer my love up to this place. We didn't make it to Vegas today. We had some unexpected delays along the way and stopped in Reno and... went ice skating outside. That was a first. The outside part, not the skating. Although it has been 15 or 20 years ago.
We were just glad we didn't break a hip!


  1. Know how ya feel TJ--- Sonny is growing gills. It is official. My horse? Part fish, and not by HIS choice either.

    Glad you didn't bust anything skating!! Looks like a great time though!!!

  2. Great photos guys! Miss you... have a great Christmas Season.

  3. LOVE an ADORE that picture of you two. Definitely a framer.

    Your ranch could not be more gorgeous if you tried. Max and I are always shaking our heads when we see shots like these.


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