Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Love Story

This morning we got a phone call. "I have some good news..." it began. The voice was cheerful and happy, for today Jerry and his beloved Berta are reunited in heaven.

The one defining thing about Jerry and Berta is their deep love for each other. We say 'is' because it does live on. And today, while sad that both Jerry and Berta have died, we also rejoice that they are now together again. It has been just a little over a year since Jerry passed into eternity and Berta has spent the last few years in a home with severe alzheimers. She was a strong, healthy woman and it seemed like she might live on and on without him and without concious understanding. But God is gracious and we can also imagine that Jerry was whispering in her ear to hurry up and catch that bus for heaven 'cause he was waiting.

They met in New England while Jerry, a California boy, was in the military. We remember them telling us how he was taken to Berta's house to be set up with her friend, or was it a sister? Whoever it was she did not matter and it was Berta who instantly caught Jerry's heart. What we remember most about them telling us the story, many years later, was the way they looked at each other and smiled. Their gaze connected and solidified somehow and we could almost see their hearts swell with love.

They lived a full life loving Jesus and each other. Raised 3 daughters, got some son-in laws, had grandkids to dote on. Enjoyed creation, family, friends, and work. Jerry and Berta really knew how to work. After retiring from farming, they lived in this house we are now in, and many of the cows we tend were cows they tended.

Upon hearing of Berta's death this morning we sensed Jerry and Berta's prescence sitting by the fire, just like we found them, so many times on cold, rainy mornings such as this. A reunion of souls.

We love you both.


  1. What an amazing tribute TJ. I'm sure Jerry and Berta are smiling down on everyone they loved!

    Happy New Year to you guys! May 2010 be AMAZING for you!!!

  2. Beautiful beautiful stuff.

  3. They were both very special people and always were very kind to me, even when I didn't deserve it.I am sure they are walking with our Lord, holding hands!What a great example for us all.

    Rick & Brenda

  4. This is a beautiful post. I believe they are happily together! Such a wonderful tribute to them!! I love that picture of them!!! True country folk!


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