Friday, January 1, 2010

Images of New Year's Day

The woodland creatures came out to play. (Three out of four were obviously still celebrating!)
"I'm not so sure about this." The residents were nervous. With good reason.
Amazing light after the rain. Yodelling in the new year. A new tradition.
Is this Humboldt or Patagonia? It really was a beautiful day.
Bull slapping by our good friend and candidate for Humboldt County sheriff. While I didn't actually capture the image, he did slap the bull. No bull.
As did his son. Excellent follow-through. Technique is critical.
Of course, it isn't so hard when you can feed the cattle out of your hand. Yet, Mark and I didn't do it, if that says anything. Don't say anything. Thanks. The recently engaged. Eric the Bold had a pig hunter on the ranch today and a really, really big pig was shot. Johanna was wrangled into being the wrangler and riding Sweet William up to pull the pig out. And off he goes to drag the pig out. I am not sure why but we didn't stick around to see the pig. It would be really nice to post a photo of the pig. But I can't. Even Jo and Eric the Bold's puppy Spice got into the festivities.

We all intend to approach the new year with lip-smacking enthusiasm. Seeking God as little children, and spreading joy like a puppy.


  1. Can't think of too many other ways I would like to spend New Year's Day! ('cept on the shores of Mexico)!

  2. Looks like a good day to me and I love your attitude -- Seeking God like a little child and spreading joy like a puppy.



  3. Yep- that was a Big Pig. Nice shootin'! We have to watch the wild hogs here- they are known for charging.

    Hey Sweet William has him a nice booty there TJ! Mighty fine lookin' horse ;)

  4. I think they are a gorgeous couple! She is just absolutely stunning. Happy New Year to all you crazy people. Enjoy all that beauty out there.


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