Thursday, February 4, 2010


I don't know what is going on with either blogger or my computer, but I can't seem to post photos. I really want to blog today with some neat photos that our recent guests took, but I can't seem to do it and my frustration level with the intended post is making my miserable cold more miserable and I have decided to just call it a day.

I will tell you though that it is raining here, with gale force winds predicted along the ocean and we just had a 6.0 magnitude earthquake centered off of the coast between Petrolia and Ferndale. It was probably one of the longest lasting earthquakes I have experienced, but it didn't feel too strong here in our house. After the initial jolt it kind of felt like being on water and it wasn't too disturbing. No damage to report.


  1. Sorry about your pictures, your cold, your rain, your wind, and, most of all, your earthquake. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


  2. Yikes! I don't think I could live in a place with earthshakes. The thought just scares me to death. How do the horses handle it?

    Hope you start feeling better soon and that blogger gets its head out of its arse and lets you start posting pictures again.

  3. When it rains, my satellite service stops working or at least gets very slow. Could that be your problem? When that happens I give up photos altogether.

  4. I couldn't say it better than Dan did.

    I have problems like that if I try and upload too many at a time. Sometimes it works best to do no more than two--makes it go faster and actually work. Otherwise I'll get an error message.

    Stay safe. I guess gorgeous scenery comes with some crazy earth-shaking scenarios. Yikes.

  5. Hey! No cussin!! This here's a
    family blog!


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