Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Bull Ride

For the last couple of weeks we haven't been able to find our two youngest bulls, Jacob and Lou. We have driven the ranch roads numerous times looking for them but with no luck. We weren't too terribly worried though because both were missing (how likely is it that 2 bulls would get hurt or sick at the same time). There was also a group of lovely bovine ladies that we hadn't seen in a while either, so we figured that they were all together somewhere enjoying the spring grass and were just too lazy to come when we honked and hollered.

Since today dawned lovely though, we decided that right after church we would go for a horse ride and find those bulls. And we did. We also found those missing cows. They were all fat and happy and enjoying the sun. I love a happy ending. Don't you?

As for our ride, Mark rode Sweet William and I rode Buddy. Both geldings were incredibly slow and sleepy. It must have been the sunshine or the boys might have been being especially careful. In the last couple of days we received over 5 inches of rain. That definitely can make for a slippery slope! Buddy though, not only walked slow but he had the hardest time walking a straight line. I kept singing the drunken sailor song to him! I don't really think he was drunk or dizzy or anything though, I think his wayward walking was because he was trying to pick the smoothest trail , as he is without shoes for the first time in 2 years! Yippee. We like our horses to go barefoot at least part of every year and I am glad that finally Buddy can as well. Buddy has had a tenacious quarter crack and has had to wear a bar shoe, but now it appears that his hoof is 'all better'. He has been barefoot for a little over a month, with no return of his crack, but to be on the safe side we are going to re-shoe him when things begin to dry out here in a month or two.

Awww, another happy ending. Enjoy your week.

I bet you thought this post was going to be about a real bull ride, huh?


  1. I have to admit, I did have visions of Mark hanging on with one hand, his other hand high in the air, with a whoop and a holler bursting out of his lungs!!!But then again, that might just be something Eric the married would do!!

  2. Naw, I knew you and Mark have more sense (or age) to ride a bull.

    Good post.


  3. here every late fall the rancher's cows come down from the mountains on their own, but they don't all always make it. inevitably every year some of them end up in our canyon enjoying our grass (what's left of it). We get one or two bulls a year here. Steph and I tried to help the rancher round one up once, and after we spent the entire time trying to stay on our terrified endurance horses, we decided to leave the rounding up to the rancher. Now we just call him and I take pictures!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  4. Okay I am confused! Didn't you hire those boys to go find the girls and hang out all night romancing them? They do what you ask and then you go looking for them to come home? Can you blame them if they just want a little privacy? You have just about everyone on the Ranch married off, do you two need a new hobby? Maybe you should enjoy those rainy days more yourselfs!


  5. Riding over those beautiful hills sounds like a wonderful time. I'm experiencing serious envy.

  6. Kym, give me a call or an email and let's plan a day to ride. I have the perfect horse for you.

  7. What Dan said. Hee hee.

    I kid.


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