Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dream Job

Mark and I were entrusted with a dear friend's first novel. She wants us to tell her what we think and give her any suggestions as to correct terminology and such. For you see, it is set on a ranch in Northern California that is in the path of a forest fire. Yes, it could have been here and I will tell you that I told her a little funny story about myself that kind of set her creative juices flowing. So I guess in some ways our story was her inspiration. But her story is not our story and her heroine is not me. But I wish she were.
At first it was hard to begin reading. Because, like I said, while some elements are the same the story is not our story. It is purely a work of fiction. And to be honest, I also worried, "what if it isn't any good?" Ohhh, but it is. And now that we have been captured by the character's world we know longer compare it to ours. I love this story and am in awe of our friend who accomplished what many only dream about. She is not only an incredibly gifted blogger, but she is a novelist!
When it is available for the general public you can be sure that I will let you know. Until then though, we get to keep the lively characters and the beautiful scenery almost all to ourselves.
p.s. (In fact, what you see in Tammie's hands is the hot off the press PRINTED version... we struggled for days to hand the lap top back and forth and to find and re-find our place. There is just something about holding a book in your hands... And as I send her post to blogger, Tammie is soaking in the tub, reading and re-living the experience which, passed to a writer, became a novel. )


  1. How neat to be able to read a book before it's published.

    Nice picture, TJ -- judging by the lap blanket it looks a little on the cool side.


  2. That is so cool. Soo...when I'm ready to send mine in are you game for a review?

  3. Gun Diva,Absolutely. We love your Tales from the Trails Blog and think it will be an excellent book. Or do you have another one you are working on. BTW- I am not much of an editor but mark is fantastic. All of my posts that are passable have been edited by him.

  4. Thanks :) "Tales" is the one closest to being done. I've got a couple of fiction books in the work, but they're a whole lot harder to write, so hats off to your friend for even completing one.

  5. Count me in to know when this is published. I have some vivid memories of this time and would love to read a book inspired by the time.

  6. Put me down for a copy. I can already tell it's going to be fantastic.


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