Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mossy Oak Clarification

A few weeks ago we posted a photo of a tree that looked to be in bloom. But it wasn't. It is the moss that the sun highlighted. Pretty cool, huh?
The moss on a bare tree is quite lovely. Here is a close up of the same tree. But not quite as dramatic without the sun and the dark background.These following two photos were taken out of our barn door. In these photos you can again see the moss.
I felt like playing around so I turned this one black and white. Now the moss looks like ice or snow covered trees.Just a little clarification for all you folks who might think we were in full bloom in February. We're not. Although this little pink flowering quince is letting her light shine.


  1. I love the mossy tree, I've never seen anything like it and the lighting is fantastic

  2. Very nice. I didn't realize you had moss in your part of the country. Having grown up in the South, I'm familiar with seeing it in the coastal areas.

    The only sign of spring we've seen so far is the cranes are flying North.


  3. I was just on Google maps, walking my old roads in N CA, and marveling at the moss. I didn't realize how much I missed that Spanish moss, and what a part of growing up it was for me. Tugged my heartstrings to walk down those old roads. Still love the pic, reminds me of my favorite tree back home.

  4. I love the moss in the winter. It really changes bare trees, like flowers or leaves all year.

  5. Whatever. Now I'm getting tired of you showing off. Man! ;)

    I love it--keep the beauty coming.


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