Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Anniversary Pig Hunt

Johanna woke up early Sunday morning with a gleam in her eye. "Eric, wake up," she said, "it's our one month anniversary and I want to kill a pig!" No matter that she had never killed anything before. (Well, one time she killed a baby turkey accidentally, she tells me, but she still feels guilty. She cried all day. )

Sunday they hiked up and down these steep hillsides, crawling through huckleberries, wading through streams and sliding down cliffs and dodging rock slides. Well, maybe not rock slides. All I know is that we heard a gun shot at about sunset. One lone shot and we wondered what happened. Later they showed up and we found out. Johanna on her first hunt, on her one month anniversary had accidentally fired the gun. There had been pigs in the vicinity and in preparation for the shot she had cocked the gun, got the pig in her sights, and then the pig ran into the trees (I think she should have worn deodorant)and she couldn't shoot in the trees. In her excitement she tried to decock the gun, but had troubles, so she just pulled the trigger. It worked. The gun became empty. But no pig died.

Monday had Johanna pulling Eric out of bed before dawn. She was on a mission. She was. They hunted all morning and then Eric the Married, talked Johanna the Carnivore Princess Warrior into giving the pigs a break. AKA, Eric needed a break.

That evening they were hot on the pig trail again. Johanna decided that the pigs would be in a sunny sheltered spot sunning themselves away from the wind. (Well, actually it was a collaboration, but let's give Johanna the credit.) Eric found a hollowed out pig bed and he laid in it and told Johanna it was still warm. She thought he joked. But he did not. The pigs were nearby and Eric the Guide led her to them. They had found a herd of about 15 pigs.

One was a mama with babies. She couldn't shoot that. The next was a big boar. So, she loaded the gun, cocked it, got it in her sights and then it trotted behind a stump. She was freaking out, so Eric gave her his complimentary hunting guide neck rub to calm her down. (The guys all love this.) The pig came out from hiding and turned its butt to her and was walking away from her. She waited. Then it turned and she took aim and shot it right through the noodle, AKA head, and it dropped in its tracks.

Congratulations Johanna!


  1. That's a beautiful pig. Great shot! And how do I go about getting a complimentary hunting guide neck rub?

    Word verification: scramm - I guess that's what the pig should have done.

  2. Nice looking hog. Nice work Eric, but you're gonna have to simmer down on this whole anniversary concept, you're settin' the standards awful high.

  3. Atta girl!!! We know how to raise 'em up here in the Northwest!! Love the camo makeup look!!

  4. Now that was a great "Pig Hunt" story complete with pictures to prove the kill. Guns, girls, (married)and neck rubs, doesn't get much better than that!!


  5. Nice shot girl!!

    So what are the plans for your second anniversary? hehehe

  6. I do have one gripe though...how does she look so good? If it was me and my hair was down, it would be full of leaves, dirt and blood. No fair! No one should look that good while pig hunting.

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  8. Some Pig!!

    Loved this anniversary love story. "Eric the Married" too cute.

    I think their marriage is off to a beautiful, snorty great start.

  9. Awesome! That's a huge pig!!

  10. Geez, that sucker is U G L Y ! ! !

    Don't know that I'd be bragging about shooting one of those. Well, maybe I should say it's sooooo U G L Y it deserved to be shot. LOL


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