Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hot Tubbing

Soft, warm water surrounding, candle light flickering, water rushing by in the creek beside the deck. Stars just starting to appear in the velvety blue sky. Black clouds hugging the hills like a fleece rug wrapped around shoulders.Listening to the BBC and posting a blog. Pretty sweet night here home on the ranch.


  1. Sometimes life is just good.

  2. Isn't this why we live in California?
    Think of how un war like the world would be if we all had hot tubs to soak in. It would mean that we had enough hot water to go around and that would be warm and fuzzy or at least warm and wet.
    I have to get one of those wood fired models some day.

  3. Are you just rubbing it in since you know our hot tub was just transported here? That is a good hobby for you and the hubby!


  4. Pictures, we want pictures.

    We love our hot tub as well. We have an inground tub in our courtyard so we can see the stars.


  5. Such show-offs!

    Well, I got to watch the Olympics so there!!

  6. hmmmmm.....I want a hot tub!!! I think I might need one! Sounds just divine!

  7. I have always said that every home should be equipped with a Hot Tub....strictly for medicinal purposes.


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