Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yesterday's Post / March Snow

It all began earlier in the week when the newlywed's went for a horse ride with us. We rode the creeks crossing trail and we got a little wet. But had a good time./ Check out Tales of the Trail on March 31st for a guest blog by moi with a pictorial of the ride. Or just check it out right now for some fantastic riding stories. We love this site.

And upon returning to the barn we realized that all of our tack was really in the need of a spring cleaning. So, we hauled everything into the dining room because the dining room has wonderful windows that let in the beautiful light and is right next to the kitchen for refreshments and the sink made it easy to fill and to empty out our buckets. There were many dirty soapy buckets of water to dump, I might add. We all worked until it got dark. The only shine then was from the neatsfoot oil that somehow ended up all over the floor, but all the saddles and bridles did eventually get cleaned, oiled and repaired. This is the saddle I ride in. It doesn't look like much, but I love it. Eric's friend Tate gave it to us when we first began gentling the mustang. It is reportedly the first saddle he ever won at a roping. That makes it special. That and the fact it fits me to a t. Or is it tee? Or tea? Hmmmm, anyone no where that saying came from? Well, apparently cleaning tack is sort of like washing your car. Because last night...(really 2 nights ago now) we heard whining at the front door and opened it to find this. Snow!
Which led to this. Our dogs are not spoiled. No they aren't.

And then in the morning we all arose to see such a sight.
The spoiled cows began congregating so we put out some big bales for them to eat. These are some of the animals in the front herd, I call them the Ireland cows. (don't ask)
And these are some of the west ridge herd. Babies and mamas and bulls all lined up and sharing. Wish the horses would do that! Or my kids for that matter. Ha ha. They do share. They learned how in kindergarten. Did you?
By sunset all the snow was gone and the day was done. You gotta love a day that starts out white and ends up green. Winter in one day.
It is pretty darn sweet here in the pacific northwest. But you have to love rain. We get a lot of rain. Up to 100 inches each year on our ranch. We haven't kept track this year though. Anybody in our neighborhood know how many inches we are up to? It seems like a light rain year to us.


  1. Thank you for the nice shout-out :)

    Call me weird, but I love cleaning tack. I love the smell and the feel of the clean tack. Setting up in front of the TV with a movie and the tack is a great way to spend the afternoon.

  2. We usually have 70 inches total and we've had 55 this year. With 2 months of the rainy season left that sounds about right on. (But I remember lots of years with 100+ inches.)

  3. thanks Kym for the info. I was hoping you would have it. Funny thing about our drainage: The main house often gets 10 to 20 inches less than the cabin. For real. So strange. I guess more rain gets let out along the ridge.

  4. Brrr! Snow!!!
    It does look beautiful. Now your tack will be beautiful for when the snow melts :)

  5. Great pictures. I actually love to clean our saddles. There's something about leather that I enjoy handling. And it looks great and smells great when it's clean and shining.


  6. Have an award for you at my place. Stop by and pick it up.

  7. Love the snow! We only got hail from the little storm that blew through a couple of days ago.

    Your dogs are almost as un-spoiled as ours, though Rick hasn't let them in by the fire - yet. They do sleep in their double insulated dog house though :)

  8. Really love that last picture. I LOVE your ranch period.

  9. And, that picture of the job is priceless! Too funny.


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