Monday, April 12, 2010

Cleaning Day Ride

Mondays are my cleaning and laundry day, so I don't often go for a horse ride, but today was different. My daughter in law, Jo, came down to visit and watch a sitcom (now that we have broadband!)while Eric was out guiding some hunters. Having her visit gave me that little added impetus to go for a ride.

It has been one of those glorious spring days that can't quite make up its mind as to whether it is supposed to be sunny or rainy; clouds drifting by, mists rising, sun shining then gone, rain pouring down then steaming off the ground. I actually love these kinds of days, reminds me of myself. LOL.

Only horses that are here at the main house right now are our boarder's and 'Ole Charlie. Jo hopped on her childhood mount of Charlie bareback and I bridled up Tono. I have ridden Tono a time or two, but never bareback. He is well over 16 hands and even wearing a helmet I felt a little nervous about the possibility of a tall fall, but all went well. (No egghead comments, please, Michelle)

Upon returning to the barn after about an hour of riding in sun, then rain, then sun again, it was so beautiful I had to just stop and capture the sight in my mind's eye since I had no camera. Looking up-canyon mists were rising and the sun's ribbons of light were shining on sections of meadows, hills, and trees while shadows lay on other ridges that rolled like waves of the sea, diminishing in the distance. In the foreground stands an old, historic apple tree in full bloom, leaning over the edge of a ravine so that the land appears to disappear below it. On the top of the tree perched a black, shiny crow lording over the same view that I was enjoying. The black sharp lines of the crow stood out distinctly compared to the muted white flowing lines of the blooms. Lovely. Clouds with the density of marshmallows drifted overhead in a gray blue sky.


  1. Ahh, I almost felt the fresh air myself!

  2. Always good to get in a ride when you don't expect to. You have a photographer's eye and the words to match.

    Well done.


  3. I'm not much of a horsewoman, so I wouldn't ride, but I can ALWAYS find something I'd rather do than clean :)

  4. I like that Brenda lady. :)

    I showed you my egg head, you should show yours. ;)

    Might I add how delighted I was to find so many new posts her at Salmon Creek??!! What fun for me. Just when I think you'll have maybe one new post, you totally surprise me!

    Glad you and Jo are friends.


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