Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Loop- A-Thon

Across the creek from us on yonder ridge lies a quaint little private school. We enjoy traveling down, down our road and then back up, up their road to go to some of the community events that they hold. Today was their annual loop-a-thon fundraiser and it was the first time we participated. I thought it was a 4 mile loop, but in actuality it is 9 and a half miles. We did not do the whole course, but there were students who did and their teacher jogged almost the entire way. Wow. We were shuttled to the top of the ridge to begin our trek which cut the course down to a measly 8 miles! We arrived late because I kept my usual gentlewoman rancher hours and slept in, so we had an empty road to walk on as everyone else was ahead of us. It was cold and windy and we were fairly miserable so we jogged. Jogging warms you up!

And then I stopped to take a break on a cool seat along the way. Actually we stopped more often than once in our jogging to catch our breaths. We walked almost all the uphill and the steepest downhills.

It was fun having the view of The Ranch while we walked although it was not a good day for photography due to the low light. Oh well.

We passed this bus. I am sure it has quite a story to tell but I don't know it. Probably been parked here since the late 60's or 70's. Mark said that the story must include the folks who drove it here, and the friends who camped/lived in it, and the wildlife currently calling it home. I think it is kind of cute.

First checkpoint. People! We caught up with some of the people. Yippee! The jogging worked. I began chatting and walking and chatting and walking and walked away from the crowd and Mark.

I was told that this bush is wild currants. I haven't seen any on our side of the creek which is kind of strange.

Second checkpoint. If you look closely you can see our house right in the middle of the photo. At this point I decided to take a little walk behind a tree, to see a man about a horse, if you know what I mean, and wait for my beloved.

But then I left him again because he was really enjoying his chat with a local (Kyle) who knows all about the plants and animals and other scientific stuff. I was more into the exercise and the view.

Like this lovely pond.

One last steep hill and then I was greeted by the inviting buildings of the school.

Potluck and a few hours of lively conversation finished off the event.

We came home and I promptly entered a hot tub with a piece of chocolate and a glass of red wine. Whew. I was whooped. Mark on the other hand delivered a load of firewood and loaded up another load for another day. What a guy! Seriously. Of course our son, Zac, had spent his day cutting and splitting the firewood. But he is young! No bonus points for him.


  1. Yay! Hope you sleep well after your efforts, TJ! I wish I'd been there as well, but I'm so happy to see your pictures (actually, the low clouds and well-bundled hikers made me glad I stayed home sick!). I was told about a certain two boys on bikes who helped themselves to more than their share of chocolate brownies, and now I see the evidence in that empty plate at check station two...

    Hope you can all (Zac, too) join us again for the May Day party in three weeks. The sun should be out by then and firewood in less demand. Have a restful Sunday!

  2. What, no picture of you in the hot tub with the chocolate and wine?

    I am disappointed.

    Great pictures, even with the low light and beautiful country. We have to get out there some day.


  3. I swear when I look at your pictures, I can smell it there. Yum! Beautiful country, I'm jealous, but I would have been whupped at the end of the day too. That's a long walk :)
    Gorgeous though, and what a pretty school mural!

  4. What a wonderful day...and the pictures were great. I really liked being able to see the setting for your house. Wonderful! I am sooo glad you enjoy your lifestyle. Too many people who have these options just don't appreciate what they have. I don't understand how they can choose stressful lives over this!

  5. Always, always in awe of the beauty. I'm so happy that you guys live somewhere so breathtaking.

    Gentlewoman rancher hours speaks to me. So much. A lot, really.

    You are a posting gal now a days. Love it. I like trying to catch up instead of being sad that you're withholding. Love ya

  6. Oh so beautiful...I am also jealous. From our house in the midwest we have NO view. I would love to live on a hill with a view. But it won't happen. Just remember to enjoy the scenery. Linda

  7. Nice pictures and beautiful scenery. Low light photos sometimes turn out really well - not so much glare.

    I would have chosen the hot tub and chocolate, but I'm very impressed with Mark and his firewood delivery after your trek.


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