Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Snow Day Adventure

Hi, I'm Trinity. I'm 15...... months old. The hat belongs to Tj; boy does she have a big head.

Mama and I are living in the bunkhouse on the ranch. We like it pretty good. Mama's horses are here and the folks at the big house are ok too. They made me say that. Well, the other day, mama got me all bundled up to go on a trip to the top of the ranch to play in the snow. We did have to make a lot stops though. I will tell you all about it......

First off we made hot chocolate. I was all excited about having some hot chocolate, but we stopped by the men working. They got the hot chocolate. I am not quite sure what they are working on and the other bystanders weren't too sure either.

I told mama I wasn't too sure about this horse. She don't look right somehow.

Then onto the hay barn to load some hay up. Boy, were those bales heavy. But not too much for a girl like me.

Fed some cows with mama.

We still hadn't made it to the snow, so I decided to take a little cat nap. Mama and the other lady kept poking me and talking to me. I don't know what was up with that!

We made it. I am not sure, though, what all the fuss was about. That stuff is cold.

Mama has been looking to buy me a pair of boots now that we are roughing it on the ranch. She hasn't found a pair in munchkin size yet though, so my sneakers had to double as snow boots. Aren't they cute though?

There goes my mama....

She kept going and going and going. She ended up kind of stopping sudden like in a ditch. Her hand still isn't right!

Then we went sledding in the Kubota...warmer, but still scary. Mama and I hung on tight.

Back in the land of green, we saw the horses,

and the donkeys,

and some turkeys!

We had some cows follow us like in a parade too.

I am not sure what these are. Mama said they were sheep that go 'baaa', but I have my doubts.

Finally, they let me sleep!


  1. That is so great. I love the pictures and the story they tell. We love watching our granddaughter Juliet when she visits and is around the horses. She never quite knows yet what to think. Hopefully, she'll grow up to be a little cowgirl, but that will be her choice.

    Thanks for sharing and giving me a smile first thing in the morning.


    PS: You need to shear those sheep.

  2. That was a very cute post! Loved the pictures with the commentary. Sometimes you do wonder what the kids think of the things we do. You have also had more snow than we have this year!


  3. Trinity, I'd say you are one very blessed young lady to be living on such a gorgeous ranch! I hope you continue to help out and enjoy yourself.

    PS, watch out for that Mark fellow. I've heard he's a little crazy.

  4. That's such a busy day! I'm exhausted just reading about it.


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