Monday, April 5, 2010

Tree in Bloom

You might remember this tree. Everyone seemed to love the photo of it in spectacular light. It appeared to be blooming then, but it wasn't. Now it is. It is an old pear tree. There used to be 2 old fruit trees in this location, but last fall I had my hubby cut one down just because I thought it would look prettier to have only one. I felt terrible afterward. I killed a tree just for my view. I still do like the look of the single tree better though and the guilt is subsiding.


  1. Don't let it get around that you "murdered" a tree. You'll have the eco-terrorists on your trail.

    Nice picture.


  2. That's such an amazing picture. Is your guilt lessened now that you've shared it with us? We would have never known otherwise.

  3. At least you picked a beautiful tree to leave. Makes a very nice picture! I believe that if you only suggested it and Mark did the actual deed then you shouldn't be held responsible! In this case it was the "Man's" fault.


  4. I say sacrifice for beauty. So worth it. :) Another stunning shot.


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