Saturday, May 29, 2010

Did your nose always look like this?

Today was rough. I took a tumble from my horse. My fault. I was riding Buddy, leading the mule and I have a bad habit of letting too much lead rope out so the mule can follow behind instead of beside. Second time now she managed to loop the lead rope around my mount's tail. (Not second time today, now that really would be stupid!)First time it happened I stayed on when the rodeo began. This time was on a steep prairie slope and I didn't. I tried. But failed miserably. Went over the front and stuck my face plant before I folded. It was a real pain in the neck. Literally. I had a friend riding with me which is good, otherwise the doctor might have brought the law in for Mark. They really thought he might have beat me.

After the fall I was afraid to move. What a wimp. Just yesterday, or was it the day before, we were discussing Christoper Reeves so I did the whole wriggle your toes and fingers, can you talk, breathe, etc, etc. All systems checked but I still decided to not move until Mark, an ex-fireman/emt checked me out. It was a pretty spot to wait amidst the wild oats and spring flowers and my cell phone. Gotta love cell phones. I had some prayer time and chatted with friends.

Within about 3o minutes the family was there and I checked out good to go. They opted to "walk me out" to where the kubota was waiting, and while the rough ride home was difficult, we made it. Mark said I passed all the tests for brain/spine injury and had no signs of other serious injury, but we both liked the idea of a more complete check and maybe an x-ray. So, we drove an hour and half to the nearest reputable urgent care clinic to have that doctor tell me the same thing. During his thorough evaluation though, he paused and asked, "Did your nose always look like this?" Yea, doc, I have always had a crooked nose. Nice of you to notice. Mark offered to make his nose look similar... probably didn't help Mark's case.


  1. Oh, TJ, that looks like it hurts. I'm so sorry. I've had a rodeo or two while ponying and it's no fun. Glad you didn't break anything. Those bruises are going to be glorious, aren't they?

    Get feeling better soon.

  2. Tami, this looks like it hurts so badly! OW!

    Does the hot tub help?

  3. Oh my goodness!!! Good heavens!!! You look like you got run over by a truck! You poor thing!!! Take lots of good medications and lie still. That's going to hurt a lot. I feel for you!!! I'm so glad you didn't break your neck.

  4. Ouch. Actually, I like your nose. You were smart not to move and did the right thing.

    Have a margarita on me and get a good night's rest.


  5. Oh my - this whole "gentlemen rancher" thing is more dangerous than I realized. I knew there was a reason we don't have a horse. Glad you are OK and hope you heal quickly.
    I'm sure Mark will provide excellent nursing care, cook all meals, do the laundry etc. - right?

  6. You poor girl! Like I said on fb, looks so painful. Sorry you had to go through that. Way to be super responsible and wait to be checked out.

    Be careful out there.

  7. sheesh! glad you're just bruised. don't do that again.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  8. Oh man! You poor thing, that must have hurt. What happened, two horse accidents so close together?

    Please tell Mark that there are other ways to get his anger out :)


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