Monday, May 10, 2010

Friends Visit

Our friends are here this May. They came from far away. Back to this continent to visit, but not to stay. Right now the mama sits and reads a rhyming book and the daddy sings a song and I find my words all seem to come out wrong!

Ahem. Let me start again. The older children arrived to ask about Charlie, even though it has been over 2 years since they last saw him. They were very excited to be riding again.
We've traveled to the falls in the jeep. Which always feels like an expedition.
The pools are beginning to turn a lovely shade of blue and the flowers along the way were lovely.
Kate is a baby sitting kind of dog and accepts all kisses.

Here the children are making bread for their mama's birthday dinner.
She turned 30 today and wrote an exceptionally lovely post for her blog. Check it out.
And happy birthday Rae!


  1. They sound like terrific people would like to meeet then someday she writes beautifully

  2. It's so amazing to be here with you!

  3. If you like them, they must be nice folks.

    Great pictures -- you can't beat kids and horses.


  4. I just love the pictures of the ranch and it looks like everyone's having a great time.


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