Sunday, May 2, 2010

Molly and Mark's First Ride Together

Molly came to us about a year ago. Mark met her at a neighbor's ranch and she was quite taken with him so the neighbor brought her over for Mark to have. Molly was also very pregnant at the time. While she was 8 years old, she hadn't been really ridden much as she had been used extensively as a brood mare. We didn't know much about her and we just kind of let her have free reign of the place for the last year. A couple months ago we decided we better find out if she would be a suitable ranch horse or if we should find her a new home. Since we have fairly fragile bones we sent her up to Eric the married's new bride, Jo. Johanna has been riding her for well over a month and deemed her now ready for Mark to ride.This is Mark whispering sweet nothings before the ride. It must have worked, as she was a doll. (I tried to get my hubby to wear a helmet, but he didn't want to. Men.)

She really didn't have any major hangups. A couple of times she balked a little when we had her lead out and he had to be firm and convince her to go forward. But she did it.
He even loped her.
We found out that she is pretty athletic and had no problems going up and down the hills.
All and all a good first ride. Thanks Johanna for making Molly a keeper.


  1. The Sweet Nothings must have worked :) I'm glad it was such an uneventful first ride.

  2. Silly Girl! A Stetson is a helmet!

    Rick P.

  3. Really cool. In that first picture she looks like she's sleeping while Mark is riding her.


  4. I'm feeling you about the brittle bones. I feel like I'm about to snap at any time. Love that Jo got her ready for Mark. Leave it to Eric to find such a capable bride. :)

    Max is the exact same way about the helmet. One must be cool.

  5. Molly looks like a good girl. Nice to have uneventful first rides. She really does look like a keeper.


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