Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pacific Banana Slugs

Slugs. Such strange alien little creatures that slide along the earth on slime eating mostly decaying matter but also tender young garden plants. Hence, why I don't like them.

Yesterday, when the sky finally stopped crying, a young friend ran into our yard on an expedition and came back with a little friend. A friend I usually step on. Or pour salt on. Ouch! I had a closer look. I investigated online for more information and discovered they're kind of a cool.

Did you know that they are hermaphrodites and that they mate by exchanging sperm with their mate? It is also said that the Native Americans would let them crawl around in their mouth to numb a toothache. Apparently they have a bit of a anesthetic effect. The tentacles are used to get around. The top part, the eye stalk, is used to sense light and movement, the bottom part chemicals. They have one lung and their breathing hole is on their side. Their mouth on the bottom. At least this is what I remember from the top of my head. Oh yea, they like mushrooms. I do too. And their slithering around after a mushy snack helps spread the spore. Cool.

That is how a lot of things are. You have a heavy disdain for something or someone who bothers you and you don't see all the God fingerprints on them. They are there, I think, if we look hard enough.

Happy spring. I might start relocating slugs this year.


  1. Ah, the banana slug; I remember it well. Those things are huge...and GROSS.

  2. I love that I get to share this life, slugs and hugs and super-novas, with such a person as you. mark

  3. Interesting -- until the part about Indians letting them roam around in their mouths. As much as I dislike dentists, I'll stick with them.


  4. I have great respect for God and His creation; unless it is something slimy - then I throw them (only if I have my gloves on) to the chickens. I recommend it!

  5. My boys would be over-the-moon excited to find such a treasure. I think it looks incredibly cool. If we ever make it out to visit, (hint hint--kidding) we so need to find one of those! Man, that was awesome!!


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