Friday, May 21, 2010

Reconnoitering Ride

Yesterday dawned bright and sunny and Jo and I headed out for a day of riding. We rode around the top of the ranch checking cattle and then after a stop for lunch, we decided to do a little scouting out for a new loop ride that would take us right by the falls.

Here we are heading off the road and down our pasture fence.

Our goal lies at the very base of these mountains.

The ride started out easy and in the open prairies.

Amidst flowers

and rocky formations perfect for a photo shoot.

The dogs came along too.

We rode along one unnamed creek and past a small pond.

Upon entering the trees things got a little more difficult. While the cows cut a good trail they squeeze through spots too narrow or short for us. I didn't get any photos of the dicey spots because I was a little busy not getting hurt from cliffs or branches. Definitely need to bring a saw and Mcleod down next time.

Seeing open prairie ahead was a welcome relief.

We could hear the roar of the falls.

As I stood in the overhanging meadow above the flat of the creek I thought of the many Native Americans who once camped in just this spot to catch and smoke salmon.

The falls look kind of small from this angle. We rode over to some shallow pools to offer our mounts a drink, but they were a wee bit nervous from the noise and from being at a new place.

To make a successful loop ride we needed a new route home. We took the small people trail back up and out from the falls.The horses got a bit more nervous along here with the drop off and the noise level. We made it safely across and then bypassing the section where we the hiker had the accident last year we headed up alongside the small crick to cross at a safer spot. I was pretty relaxed. We had made a successful new ride to the falls and no one got hurt. Then Stormy decided to jump the small two foot trickle and almost knock me off on an oak branch. First accident I have had horse riding up here. I came away with only a face scrape and a few bruises on one arm. It was partly my error. I had mentally disengaged. While I could sense her nervousness I didn't take it into account as I should have. I just assumed that she would take the trail that went to the left, not go straight up the hill into the oak. Silly me. What was I thinking?


  1. Very nice ride! Great pictures! I think it would be nice if you could take a video with sound on your ride so we could hear the falls and feel the mist! I am glad you only got scrapes and bruises on this adventure! Be careful, old people don't heal very fast.(:

    Rick P.

  2. what a beautiful ride! the scrapes and bruises are a badge of honor.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  3. Everytime I see your scenery I am awestruck what a beautiful area you live in.I wish I could bring myself to be a traveller, I would sure make your area a destination.

  4. What Janice said!! OH, and what Rick and Brenda said. And Merri.



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