Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

Went out to check cattle on Sunday with the bruises. I am doing much better, but am surprised how sore I still am. I also am a little more vulnerable and lack confidence. It will come back. At one point my horse spooked and shot about 8 feet sideways down a slope. I stuck the middle of it. It felt good.
Mark is still riding on his Molly. It is interesting to note the differences between starting a 3 year old versus a 10 year old. Molly may not be trained very much but she has emotional maturity and confidence. Mark loves her. He says she is a little a opinionated, but that he is used to that!

Here is a little group of cows and calves we came upon. When we give them their vaccinations we also give them an earring with a number on it. I like to make sure I match every calf to its mama before we sell. That way I can keep track of which cows are giving the best calves. Soon we will be taking the fall calves to auction and begin harvesting the 2 year old steers for the neighbor's freezers.
The newlywed's came along for the ride. They are so cute!This isn't so cute though! At least not to me, but Eric has always loved reptiles. While he was growing up our house always had one thing or another slithering around. Today he just enjoys them in nature.


  1. Keep the snake in your world. We have only seen one small garter snake in our 6 years here. It's wise to be honest about your feelings and riding is the only way to get past them.

    Well done.


  2. I am not a fan of opinionated horses. You can tell what kind of rider I am!!

    Eric is still adorable. He and Garrett would get along famously.

  3. I always love the pics of your place!

    The best part of riding up at the lodge is that we're too high for venomous snakes, so we know that any little slithery critter is not dangerous.


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