Friday, June 25, 2010

Pregnancy Check

For those of you squeamish, don't look any further....
This is the face of a man who seems to enjoy his job, although it could have been because it was the first time the paparazzi was following him.

We are smiling too. It looks like this year we will have a good calf crop. Last year we had a bull problem and about 15 percent of the cows didn't concieve. This is the first time we have had our cows preg checked. We were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to accomplish and how well our new chute system worked.


  1. Not a job I would want.


    PS: When I saw the post title I thought you were expecting ;)

  2. Maybe because I have been pregnant and given birth and can sympathize with the cow, but I'm thinking that some aspects of this ranching thing delve just a little too deeply (no pun intended) into the private lives of the animals. I realize it is a business and I should get over this feeling that bovines need personal space, but my goodness couldn't they do a preg test the old-fashioned way and just have her pee in the cup?


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