Thursday, June 17, 2010

When Magic Happens

You know when you have been touched by magic, or mystery, or God, when the hairs stand up on your arms and time stands still. The moment seems to stretch out and out and out. Your breath is held while your body is suspended. I know you've felt it. We all have. Those magical moments that bless your life along the way.

One such moment happened at sunset. Instead of 4 horses to call in to feed, I had four bucks grazing in our pasture. They stood less than 50, no closer to 40 feet away from me. The setting sun's rays lit up their large velvet covered horns and turned them gold. Golden horns on gleaming bucks. But where were the horses? Had fairies changed them into something more fleet of foot? When I whistled would these dance into the barn and breath into my nose? What does deer breath smell like anyway? I bet its sweet. The moment lingered and I stood transfixed by their beauty, their grace. I could see their skin twitch the flies away and see their ears turn.

A wind change brought one head up swiftly. It turned my way. Black large eyes looked at mine with surprise. I smiled. Away the four flew. The moment gone.

Horses did eventually show up. I am surprised to say that I was a tad disappointed.


  1. Don't be disappointed. You were given a great gift, one I believe from God. He delights in giving us glimpses of his creation, especially when we least expect it.

    And, horses are just unicorns without the horns. Still wonderfully mysterious.


  2. I feel like doo doo. First I read this magical post, then I read Dan's awesome comment. Man.

    I think I'll go play Bejeweled to make myself feel better.

  3. Mmmmmmm. Words like good food.


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