Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cody to the Rescue: Part 2

Perhaps you remember Cody from a couple summers ago. He is the young man who single handedly saved the deck, hot tub, house and might I suggest the whole ranch from the peril of another fire. If you don't remember the story click here.

Well, he has been back on the ranch for the last month doing all sorts of varied and sundry jobs. As it was such a busy month for us with celebrations and travel and cattle gathering and firewood sales and more travel and chicken slaughter, I never got a chance to do a post about Cody. So here it is!

Thanks Cody for putting up with two old farts for a whole month and for slaying thistles and stacking wood, and gathering cattle and moving tables and painting gates and serenading us with your electric guitar! But he didn't harvest any chickens. No, on chicken D-Day I found him sound asleep with ear buds in. Hmmm, mighty peculiar I say.

On Cody's last day in California we took him down to the city. San Francisco is great fun and we all enjoyed ourselves. The following photos are from our day at the city on the bay.
Stop on the north side of Golden Gate Bridge.

And then we walked across. Cody had to think about this.

Back in the car and into the city to drive the crookedest street -Lombard Street.

Then on to a bay tour.

Under the Golden Gate and

around Alcatraz island and

back into the city harbor.

A stop for me to goof around with the gold man and

for Cody to meet the Silver Man.

We then watched a brother, brother, sister team from London perform some circus stunts and entertain us with their wacky humor.

Time to eat. Cody is a rock fan and a good guitarist so we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. Cody enjoyed seeing the memorabilia there and his burger although he was a bit disappointed that the music videos were mostly pop stars, not Rock Stars. Apparently there is a difference.

The aquarium was our last stop and while it isn't the biggest one I have visiting it was very nice and user friendly. I might add that the guitar fish in the touch pool came up to both Cody and I. The naturalist said it meant we had good hearts. I am not sure what that means for Mark!

Once again Cody, thanks for your help and your company. Hope Montana welcomed you with open arms and we hope to see you again. Love ya.


  1. If the Montana thing doesn't work out, we could definitely use his skills here in Washington :)

    Looks like you guys had a good time in San Francisco.

  2. Funny, just when I get used to the idea that you rarely blog, you've become a blogging queen! I will ignore your spicy comment ;) left at GGYR and say that I am excited to come back and read all your new posts, but I'm going to have to wait until my eyes aren't shutting.


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