Friday, July 23, 2010

Farmers Market 2010

Here is our little farmers market stand with our farmers market leader talking on the phone with our local radio station. They wanted to know what my cows were doing and I said, "chewing their cud". I wonder if that went on air!
This year we added potatoes to our booth. We have Red, White and Blue potatoes. Patriotic spuds. I planted a whole lot of tators, but we ended up sharing with the gophers. I hope they pay.....big time.
So we officially had 'meat and potatoes' kind of booth. Someone suggested I grow horseradish next year to stay with the theme. I'm thinkin on it.
Today I had some lovely french lavender to sell as well. It was a real hit with the customers and the bees.

I am enjoying myself this year and find that I learn a lot from all of the wonderful visitors to the market. Every one has been super sweet and upbeat. Today I made a few trades. I traded a sirloin steak for a butterfly bush and some ground beef for a cheese and vegi calazone and some Portuguese sweet bread. In the past we have also traded for goat cheese. I love anything made from goats; milk, cheese, or meat.

If you live around these parts you should check out the Garberville Market on Fridays between 11 and 3. There are some new vendors this year as well as live music. Hope to see you there. Mention this post and I'll give you a flower!


  1. That sounds great. I love farmers markets -- as long as the vendors grow/produce their own stuff and didn't buy it from some distributor.


  2. I love the bartering! And your lavender is gorgeous.

  3. The Farmer's market is so wonderful--like a festival. Its worth making a trip into town for all by itself!

    Sadly, Fridays are usually busy on other things. I wish they had it twice a week.

  4. Love your booth! Meat & Potatoes - what else do you need?

    Your lavender is beautiful - I started mine from seed and it is now about 4 inches tall. Hopefully it will overwinter and do better next year?

  5. I really miss N. CA farmer's markets. Honestly there is nothing better. They sure don't have them like that here...

  6. Love it!! I wanna come to your market. Good times. Love the lavender bundles.

    Darn gophers.


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