Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I think I am going to cry....

Mark and I have been going back and forth for quite some time now. Back and forth on what equines we need to find new homes for, aka sell. Today, I think, we came to a conclusive decision and we made the choice strictly based on their gender. Before we would try to base our decision on their temperaments or abilities. Somehow choosing gender made it easier, although more sexist.

So.... drum roll please....

Stormy and Molly are hopefully going to find new homes soon. It is not easy as these two are our favorites and they are the best bred and built horses we have, but they are girls and it has been decided the girls, with their monthly dramas, have gotta go. I hope and pray that we can find good homes for them as they deserve it.

So, if you want a super sweet mare (Molly), or a well trained, do everything mare (Stormy), drop us a line.


  1. It's always hard to let some go...but just think, they will find good homes with a lovely family that will trail ride and take them all over and love on them everyday!!! :)

  2. I kind of like mares. They have a lot of spirit.

    Best wishes on your decision.


  3. Dan, you are right, mares are great and they seem to have more drive. But we had to draw straws somehow. I am having a tough time and yet everyday when I am out mucking the poop and cleaning hooves I grumble because so much time is used up taking care of our equines that I don't have much time to ride, not to even mention our feed bill....

  4. Ohh man alive TJ, it's probably a GOOD thing we are so far apart. Both of those mares are fine looking ladies, and I'd be too tempted to try them out. Even with out spots! ;)

    Be strong- if it is meant to be, "their" people will come along and provide the perfect home for them.

    But I know all too well how your heart feels.

  5. I am sorry to hear that you will have to give two you love so much. I will pray that the perfect home comes along and that it will give you peace and the more time you would love to ride.

  6. That's heartbreaking. Wish I was closer and had more room; I love me a good mare. I know they'd be able to do the kind of trail riding that we like to do. You'll be able to find wonderful homes for them and their new owners will be so lucky.

  7. Molly? Molly! I'm shocked!


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