Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ranch News

I am still sick. It is a very strange bug that involves a lot of fever and sweating and nausea. The only thing good about it my weight on the scales. Sickness always seems like such a waste of time, but I moved to the guest room today and it has a lovely view of trees and the horses sometimes come into my view as well. I can't walk far, due to dizziness, so I haven't been able to feed or pet our animals. Except Kate, she bounds into the house and up onto my bed. She doesn't normally do that. I let her because it makes me feel better. She lays beside me and smells my breath and then licks my nose. I am sure she knows I am not well. I will give it a couple more days to run its course, but if I am still sick on Friday I will go to a doctor. Enough.

Eric the Bold has had re-curve bow hunters from Michigan on the ranch. Unfortunately the weather has been very warm during the day and a full moon at night, so the deer have not been making much of an appearance. One hunter did take a shot, but missed. A re-curve bow demands that you have a very close shot and a very steady hand. This afternoon is their last hunt before they go home. I know they will be disappointed if they don't get their bucks, but sometimes hunting is like that. It is the process and not just the final trophy that is important. These hunters have been very responsible, waiting for the right shot on the right buck. I salute them.

The ranch butcher came out today and did the last 3 steers that locals have purchased to put in their freezer. He said that it was the best carcasses he had seen in a very long time. It is so difficult to tell from the outside how well marbled the animal will be. The first 3 we butchered a month ago were very fat to look at and while they had some marbling they could have had more, according to Bob. But we could not tell from looking on the outside! They were the 3 most beautiful steers we had and these last 3 while fat, looked a little dumpy. They never would have sold well in an auction. Go figure. Anyway, we hope everyone is happy with their meat. We did our best and leave the rest to nature and good cooking.

Mark has been trying to deliver one load of firewood 4 days a week. For a while he would attempt 2 or 3 loads a day, but it is just too much driving and too much time away from home. We have lots of orders to fill and thankfully quite a bit of time before the fall rains begin. Yikes! Fall rains, I have only just begun to enjoy the summer. Weird weather year here on the north coast of California.

We revisited our youth last Sunday evening. Dancing the night away at a wedding reception of the daughter of some dear friends. They threw a great party and I think the photo booth was a hit with all the ages. The accessories they provided added to the fun. I am drenched in sweat again, so I gotta go change and lay down. So strange.


  1. If you're still this sick tomorrow, Thursday, don't wait until Friday. Go to the doctor.

    Great pictures of the two of you. You definitely would have fit in well in the Roaring Twenties. ;)


  2. I agree with Dan, TJ. Please go to a Doctor ASAP. You've been sick for too long, and from what we've read on here, this isn't like you at all. Please, please take care of yourself!

    *sigh* I sure miss that beautiful home grown beef..... Maybe some day we'll be able to have a few cattle to raise again for the freezer.... (Or maybe I can just order my beef from you and overnight ship it! hehehe)

  3. update this morning: the fever has passed! While I still have a few lingering issues, I am on my way to getting well again.

  4. Those photos are the cutest thing. I like the one of the smooch.

  5. So the scale was good to you?? Just how good? I sit here in my sick mind wondering if being that sick would be worth it. I guess not. Way to find the positive side though. :)

    Photo booth looked like a lot of fun. I'm taking pictures at a wedding in August--might have to use the boa idea.


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