Thursday, July 1, 2010

That Time of the Year

It is time to harvest my chickens. Every year during the slaughter I always say that it will be my last year to raise meat birds, but then the following year I do it again. I must have some faulty memory. Click here if you would like to see a blow by blow of the butchering.
On another note, here is a little more grossness. Poor Sequoyah skewered himself on a t-post. Mark and I were gone south at a nephew's wedding, so Eric and Jo hauled him into the vet. The wound goes in about 8 inches. Every day we have to flush it out with a betadine water solution. It is grisly sliding the hose into the little guys chest that far. He just finished a round of injected antibiotics and will be starting a granulated antibiotic in the morning. The vet's office loved him for his sweet and willing temperament, we all do too.
This is Meeme. She belongs to Casey the friend who boards her horses here and lives here part time. Meeme had a run in with a fence about 2 months ago and she just got all of her bandages off. Tough season for the youngsters. We think Meeme was chased into the fence, probably the same for Sequoyah.
For all of you neighbors who wondered what in the world was going on yesterday: it was a CalFire training day on the Chapman Ranch. We had dozers, helicopter water drops and a water bomber. We probably should have told folks ahead of time. It would have saved a few of you from getting heart palpitations. We will be better neighbors next time.

And as for me.... I am exhausted; mentally, physically and emotionally. I seem to be still recovering from the fall I took from the horse as my head, spine and muscles all continue to hurt. I try to plug along, but I really need to have rest. It seems like we have just gone from one thing to the next and I haven't quite got caught up yet. I am drained. So off to a nap I go.


  1. Thanks, I'll skip the chicken murder:)

    T-posts are really dangerous for animals, especially horses, but they are useful.


  2. Napping is good. It seems to take longer as we get older to get over crap like that. *sigh*

    Rest up girl, and don't over do it!!


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