Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet Emma

Johanna was giving an adorable Jack Russel/Fox Terrier and her name is Emma. Emma comes from a long line of blood trackers that are used to track wounded animals. You can read about her genealogy here. We discovered today that she also loves kids. Adores kids. Wants to have some of her own kids, I think.

The adorable girl is Nola who came to visit with her family and grandparents today. I think they would have taken Emma home with them if they could. Emma was that good.

Mark too is doing pretty good. He tried to do some work yesterday, but he paid for it last night and today. He is back flat on his back right now, curled up next to Emma the wonder nanny.
Eric the Bold just got home from guiding an Elk hunt down in Mendocino county. He had a great time. Called in 12 bulls (I think) and his client got one. Another archer. They did have to do a bit of tracking and they didn't have Emma. Emma the tracker, kid-sitter and wonder nanny. What can I say, I love this dog! But, shhh, don't tell our dog Kate, she might get jealous.


  1. Emma is adorable! I can just see her mothering Mark and watching over him.

    Now Mark, I may be younger than you are, BUT-- I've been beat to H*ll and back. You take it easy for a bit now, and ease back in SLOWLY. Got that?? S-L-O-W-L-Y. Trust me.

    (I'm easing back into work too. Did one very well mannered, very sweet coming two year old yesterday, and it took me all day and into today to feel NOT weak and wimpy. Course, maybe the 110* heat index had something to do with that? I dunno.. But Mark best be careful out there!!)

  2. Nice dog. Tell Mark to take it easy, especially with that head injury. Don't want to lose what little bit of sense he still has ;)


  3. Can't top Dan's comment. Cute pup.


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