Friday, August 6, 2010

New Sign

Mark and I went to our local farmers market again today and basically sold out. All we had left in our humongous ice chest was some short ribs and stew meat. It was a great day and I thank you if you stopped by today to chat or buy. Both were beneficial!
Jo and I updated our sign and I think it turned out real cute. I need to make another little board with 'firewood' on it as Mark ended us selling 8 more loads.
We are also trying to be at the Miranda Farmers Market on Tuesdays between 3 and 5 whenever we can, but we are serious this year about making the Garberville Market every other week. I am enjoying it.

On another note, Eric the Bold had another bow hunter out on the ranch who got a 3 by 3. 109 points worth if you know what that means, I don't. I am told that this hunter was from the east coast and works at the Pentagon. Interesting. Today Eric is out bow hunting with a young man from the central valley of California. I hope he has a good time and gets his buck. I guess. Maybe you know how it is with those of us who aren't hunters. It is exciting though, for us to see our son pursuing his passion. He is living the life he has always dreamed of. We thank Arrow 5 outfitters for taking Eric under their wings and helping his dream come true.


  1. So glad you made it out there! I was worried you would be too tired after yesterday's adventure. So glad we were home so you could hang out here while the tow-truck did its thing.

    Tell Jojo to the sign looks great but she needs check her spelling on the "Veggies" sign. I think she goofed.

    So glad you did so well today!! What a blessing.

  2. ha ha, i did the spelling. i always spell it that way. it was nice seeing you too.

  3. Great sign and I'm glad things are going so well for everyone. I wish we lived close and could enjoy some of the fruits of your labor.



    PS: I have no clue what you're talking about on the hunting points.

  4. Dan, I found out there is a book that they list bucks in. The one for archery is called Pope and Young. They measure stuff on the antlers to come up with the number. To be listed in the book you to have a minimum of 95 points. Today Eric did a hunt with a man from Missouri, who hunts with a film crew. (Film to follow). He got a 4 by 3 that scored a 123. Eric really enjoyed his day and now he is getting all ready for some Elk hunts on a ranch south of us. Cool stuff for him.

  5. Signs are adorable! I love that you and Jo are close. Congratulations on selling out. I wish we could partake in that yummy meat.


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