Sunday, August 8, 2010

One- Upmanship

I was told I had to begin this blog by stating that Mark is doing OK. But this is what Mark looked like yesterday.
He wins. He always wins. When we first got married I blasted him with a little squirt gun. I laughed, until he came into the kitchen with a bucket of water and dumped it on my head. He has always been like that and yesterday was no exception. I had a little fall a few months ago and went to the urgent care clinic and came home with only a neck brace.
Mark took a bigger tumble off a horse and ended up with an overnight stay in the hospital and 4 fractured ribs, a fractured iliac crest (top of the pelvis), and 5 stitches in the bottom of his head wound and 8 staples on the top to close it. Think Frankenstein. (Just a little extra gore for our friend Michelle).

This photo was taken after I ran my horse to the top of the hill to mark our trail for the kids with the truck. (Thankfully we had cell phone reception.) Mark was supposed to stay down below in the trees by the creek he crashed into. He didn't. He wasn't right in the head. Nothing new there. First thing I heard was a whistle and when I looked below there was Mark riding his horse up the hill. Crazy. We later discovered the poor horse had an injury of her own, a stick puncturing her posterior.
Here he was shortly after he became conscious and began yelling at me to get off of him. I wasn't on him. The poor man would not lay still. I had to scream at him like a drill sergeant. Nothing new there. Why in the world I snapped this photo I will never really know though. At least his dog was showing him some love while I was wandering around praying and trying to block out the image of his head smashing on the rocks.
Our ride was lovely up until that point. He looked quite dashing with his cowboy hat on. In retrospect it should have been a helmet.
We were riding on the neighbor's place looking for some stray cattle. And FYI, when you hear someone tell you that their cinch is a little loose and they should probably tighten it, make sure they do. It will make the rest of the day a whole lot nicer.


  1. OMG! (i never say that) But OMG! I'm so glad he's okay. What a horrible adventure. You had a lot of people praying for you and I'm sure that's why he's home now safe and sound (in the meantime...) love you guys,

    Julie, Mike and the boys

  2. Holy moley! Horrible! It's gotta be painful too! Nice pics though! Sounds like you get to put on your nurse hat, Tammy, and leave it there for... a MONTH or so! (Can't imagine riding in that wild and free place with a helmet tho'.) Get well soon, Mark! I'd send cookies if I knew your address!


    Mark-- dude-- heal up PDQ would ya? We like you not being quite right in the head, but this is a wee bit extreme!

    Prayers for you both and your horse. Keep us posted when you can Nurse TJ.
    (OH yeah-- they gave me some wicked meds for my back. Bet you got some too! Tell me if the bricks start breathing OK? ;) )

  4. Get well soon Mark! We will pray for your quick recovery....

  5. Mark, we'll be praying for you.

    As much as I would love to wear my cowboy hat when I ride, I'm convinced that wearing a helmet is the smarter thing to do.

    TJ, you're a true blogger getting pictures like that.

    Take care, both of you.


  6. Great pictures! You guys will do just about anything for a cool blog!I know what you are talking about with Mark, he was always tuff on the cousins too!With any luck this will knock some sense into that head.We pray for a speedy recovery so that you can both come up and enjoy some quiet time!

    Rick P.

  7. patient is hurting a bit more today. Thanks for your prayers, keep em coming.

    Mark says address for cookies is: PO Box 368, Miranda Ca 95553

  8. Maaaaaarrrrrkkkkkk!

    You didn't really have to beat TJ's fall. Really. You could have let her win that round.

    'Course it's no better at our place. One of Mom's horses caused a ruckus, broke the sign for the lodge and ran all willy-nilly through the livery horses. A week later, Compass tried using herself as wheel chocks when her truck and trailer started sliding. She got out of it alive, so the point goes to Compass.

    Eventually, though, the winning streak will end. Be careful for Pete's Sake!

  9. OMG!!! I'm with Julie. OMG!!
    I'm so glad he's okay too, but holy cow. Those are fantastic pictures documenting the whole thing, lol! Only you girl, only you!!!
    Love the dog licking his face too. Wow. Sounds like he was just like I was, a real jerk upon consciousness.
    He sure is tough though! Looks great today! (I personally did not look that great for a week)
    What a crazy crazy accident. Soooo, do you wear a helmet now? Is he going to?
    You know, you can do interesting things with a helmet. Stickers, etc. I'm plotting doing a helmet with a set of real horns on it. Wade says he'd be seen with me, he thinks it's funny. Mercy, not so much...
    Consider the horns. Get your viking on, lol.
    Glad you both are ok. Honestly. Now stop it.

  10. Yes Mikey, I have really gotten to like my helmet. When I go under trees I just barely tip my chin down and the branches slide over the top. Nice. mark says he is going to wear one in the future. I didn't really mean to document it and a lot of the photos were taken by our eldest. Mark and I did the post together when we got home and it kind of brought some closure to it and humor too. Gotta have humor. Thanks for the good wishes.

  11. You are in my prayers and thoughts, all the way from Australia.

  12. So glad he is o.k.! Hope he gets lots of cookies!

  13. Wow guys. We are so sorry to see how injured Mark got. We are thinking and praying for your healing Mark and for Tammy! Males don't always make the bes patients. Many hugs Chapman's.

  14. Oh my goodness!!! Poor Mark! Poor Tj! How scary. I always give you guys a hard time for not documenting the exciting things that happen, but you did this time. I cannot believe it. You win blogger of the year and how!

    The stitches--OUCH! Ribs--horrible! That other region--horrific! Makes me not want to let anyone ride again. Ahhhh.

    Be careful and get better really soon.

    Love you guys.

  15. You know, I've seen cowboy hats that are actually OSHA compliant safety rated hard hats. If you add a chin strap, they you would have your head protected and still look like a cool cowboy?

    Hope you're feeling better!
    P.S. Rick ate the cookies.

  16. Whoa...that is scary looking. Mark, take care of yourself. We'll never find a neighbor like you again...besides you haven't brought me my wood yet.

    I'm thinking good thoughts for your healing (not only because of the firewood.) Hugs!


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