Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Resilient Rose

I almost dug this rose bush up and threw it on the burn pile last fall. It is a scrawny plant that came up on the dark side of the house amidst some ground cover. It never bloomed. A couple of almost bare stalks sticking out like a sore thumb. I thought it should go, but then left it anyway.
It is still scrawny, it will probably never make much of a bush in so much shade, but it has learned how to bloom.

Beautiful vivid pink flowers that seem to glow with an inner light.
This morning as I walked around our yard (yea, I'm walking!)I thought about this rose bush and other scrawny, scraggly, ugly things I almost threw out in the past that later bloomed. I think of our now deceased dog Smokey. He was scrawny, and seemed worthless. Everyone told us he would never make much of a dog. He wouldn't be safe. They were wrong.

It is hard sometimes to know the difference between something redeemable and something that is garbage. Look at man through history. What trouble we make. There are so many horrible things that I can be blinded from the good, the positive possibilities. I can forget to hope, forget to love. And love covers, love heals, and I'm glad. This morning I will think on the good and try to shed what little light and love I can to those around me.


  1. Nice pictures and great words -- true too.


  2. The rose has great color. Looks pretty good for being in the shade.
    Glad you kept the rose and Mark!

    Rick P.

  3. That bush may be scrawny but the flowers are beautiful, betcha you are really glad you didn't dispose of it.


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