Saturday, August 14, 2010


Mark says I shouldn't do this post. It will scare some folks from coming for a visit or just upset others off because we killed it. We did. We killed it. We feel bad, but not too bad. I know many folks who relocate venomous snakes that lurk beside their door, but here, we don't. If they are off in the woods or on yonder hill, we walk off and let them do their thing, but if they are around our house or barn it is another story.

We were having a movie and chocolate afternoon when we began hearing Kate, the dog, having a manic barking fit. She has been doing this at night lately to keep the bears away from the apples, but it was a bit odd in the middle of the afternoon, so Mark slowly clambered out of the recliner to go have a look. I stayed put, licking my chocolate covered fingers. Shortly I heard a hoot and a holler and jumped up to see what happened. This is what I saw.The snake was right beside our back door in the newly stacked winter's supply of wood. Poor thing was probably just seeking some shade on a hot day. It is strange that Kate created such a fuss though. Normally she just walks right by snakes. Somehow, it seems, she knows the difference between the ones that can hurt you and the ones that can't. Mark is now calling her "Kate, the rattlesnake dog". And, it seems he takes more care in choosing just the right firewood pieces from the stack to heat our hot-tub.


  1. Wouldn't scare me from coming to visit TJ ;)

    Dear Husband was cleaning up pine straw and what not around my horse stuff area a few days ago, and I heard him yelp. Turns out a rattler about the same size as yours was tucked up right where I usually stand to get things from my trunk. Like you, if the snake is AWAY from where we/ kids/ dogs/ cats move, we let them be. However, this little guy was in a high traffic area, and VERY aggressive. He is now aggressive in snake Heaven. (Sorry Mikey...)

    Glad Mark is up and moving around now! Enjoy some more chocolate ;)

  2. Nope, won't keep us away. We're still planning to come see you guys in the late summer/fall of 2012.


  3. Good heavens, everyone is getting rattlesnakes!! I do understand the killing. I do. :)

  4. You snake beater you! You get all banged up and then take it out on a poor defenseless snake just trying to seek some shelter. Good thing you killed it because Brenda never will come back if that is your door stop! We here in the Pacific Northwest are much more civilized and don't have any poisonous snakes! The real problem is they are all gay!


  5. What is it with rattlesnakes recently? Seems to be a rash of them. I'm so glad we don't have them where we ride - not enough oxygen :)

  6. Best indicator of Mice, Rats and other small rodents is an abundance of the things that LIVE to EAT them.

    Let me give you and example. Back in the winter of '97 a Pack Rat (aka Wood Rat) found his way into the House and I named him Houdini. Darned pest defeated every trap I came up with, and friends I grew up trapping (Snakes, Muskrats, Ground Hogs, Mice, Rats, Gophers, Feral Pigs and any thing that needed gotten rid of) as one of my chores as a boy.

    Well after 4 frustrating months (with many a night waiting for Houdini with a 45 Peacemaker loaded with birdshot) it finally was warm enough for Snakes. So I hunted up 3 vary large Bull Snakes and let them go in the House (I know a Cat would have done the job, but they are the only Critter I'm allergic to. I love Cats, but I prefer to not have Itchy Puffy Eyes). Took that Pack of Snakes about an hour and a half to put an ed to Houdini. I would have used Rattle Snakes as they are easier to hunt up, but the Bull Snakes are a good week earlier in coming out of winter and I was desperate and just about ready to set fire to the House just to get rid of Houdini...So the next time you see the Rodent eating Snake, DON"T kill the messenger, do YOUR CHORES and get rid of the real VERMIN.

  7. Laughing about others relocating venous snakes. I think I know to whom you're referring. Odd though, my hubby used to kill them immediately. It is hard hanging out with a reptile lover (Garrett.)

    Impressive, Mark--broken bones yet you can still kill snakes lickety split!


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