Saturday, September 11, 2010

Computer Crash!!!!

We have been bringing home the wayward cows we started to get last month(before the fall) and we have filmed a mama bear and her cubs and have taken a few really nice photos, all of which will have to wait until the computer guys fix our computer. Yep, it crashed. And this was too upsetting to me. Way too upsetting! I lost some sleep over it and then I got a grip and realized I am addicted to the net and blogging and facebooking. It has to stop. So bye.... at least until the computer is fixed.


  1. Please come back. The rest of us addicted souls will greatly miss you. Plus I want to see the bears.


  2. That is so horrible! I hate it when my computer's at the doctor's. Good luck recovering everything you need (and want).

  3. YES please come back!!! I will miss you while you are gone:) You make a big difference if even over the web:)

  4. Well come back soon, dangit! I want to see these pictures! I would be lost w/o your blog, it reminds me SO much of home...


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