Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Donkey Song

To Missy with Love:


  1. That's great. I love to hear a donkey bray. There's a donkey down the hill from us and I hear him/her bray every morning, probably wanting breakfast.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. I love that sound:) They are way to cute!!!!

  3. Ah thanks, Tammie I miss those crazy donkey's.. Give them both a nice carrot for me.. Love, Missy

  4. That sounds like my nightly serenade in the village I am living in, everyone here has "burros" to bring their produce and firewood back for the farms. At first I found it interesting but those feelings are long gone.

    I always enjoy checking up on your blog. Also thanks for the gore pictures of Mark that sounds like a pretty dramatic event. He looks super tough in the hospital photos. I am very very happy that everything is ok.

    Much love to you I think that I will be headed back to the Northwest sometime this winter. I have a friend in the Bay area that I plan to go and see when I return and I was thinking to stop by and say hello at the Ranch.

  5. Oh my! And what does the Labbie think of this?

    Hilarious. Though I guess that is the voice they were given, no?


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