Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Mark

These lovely margarita cupcakes were made by our wonderful DIL Jo.

We discovered them on our table after bringing the cows home. Again. This is the third time. First time they didn't quite make it home because Mark tried to be superman and fly off of his horse. Second time was last weekend and we walked them the miles home and got some amazing (well not really so amazing) footage of a mama and her 2 cubs that will not upload to this site, and today we went on quads and led them home with sweet words and HAY. All I can say is that I hope we found the hole in the fence they were going through because I don't really want to have to do it again in the near future. And we are sure our neighbors don't want to see them grazing on their yards anytime soon either.
We had a lovely day all in all. We got to walk past the falls while checking some fencing.
And we got to sit and watch a group of bachelors.

Later, we had a lovely dinner of rib-eye steaks, potatoes, green beans and salad prepared with love, (we think) by Jo and Eric and some other friends came over as well to sing a sweet song to Mark. Well, maybe not so sweet, more like weird. But that my friends is another story.

Love you honey and I am so glad you are alive and sharing your life with me.


  1. Champagne cupcakes! How cool is this?

    It is soo annoying to wonder if you've found the hole the cows are using to go visiting. Of course, they're not telling.

    Happy Birthday, Mark!

  2. Happy Birthday Mark!!! And MANY more to come! (After all, TJ needs someone around to keep her in line, right? ;) )

    Hope the cattle stay PUT now- chasing them down gets old after a while, but at least the scenery where you are is breathtaking...

  3. Happy Birthday, Mark. We're glad you and TJ moved to our neighborhood!

    Good people like you are hard to find.

  4. Happy Birthday Mark. Next time, get your Margaritas in a glass over ice.

    That's how we do it in New Mexico.


  5. Happy Birthday my Friend!

  6. Hey, I didn't realize you were back up and running. I don't mean after the cows, I mean the blog! Happy belated Birthday to Mark! Glad you both are doing better and alive to chase the cows another day! Love the pictures!


  7. Happy Birthday, Mark! I'm so happy for you out there in sunny Cali living the dream. I love you guys. :)


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