Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sea of Fog

Often in the morning, the fog covers the low lying land in its moist blanket. The ones enfolded feel as if the world is all gray while those above gaze in wonder. One's perspective makes a world of difference, doesn't it?

When life feels like it is closing in around me and disaster seems at every turn. I remember my perspective is not the only one. I think of God outside of time and try to realize a higher more eternal view. Sometimes this helps.


  1. What a gorgeous picture, and I don't like fog! It's a great way to think of things, too - remembering there is always another view.

  2. Allenspark Lodge had my exact first four words--what a gorgeous picture!

    You need a photo book. Really!

  3. Heavens you make me homesick!
    Once, a long long time ago, I rode my horse bareback up to the top of what we called the fire trail... and I saw a sight just like that. The whole valley covered in fog, just the tops of the hills peeking out. It looked like we could swim across it. Of course I didn't have a camera, just a snapshot in my mind. An amazing, beautiful sight, just like your picture :)

  4. Really nice and a great thought about perspective.


  5. Outstanding photo!!!

  6. Wonderful shot! That is amazing. :)


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