Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Broody Sky

The clouds today teased us. They let out a sprinkle or two and that is all. We are hoping for rain. The inch we got a few weeks ago brought up fledgling grass and now it needs to be watered. Soon. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like any rain is coming our way. It is all going south and getting our hay stack wet. Which we don't want get wet. Oh dear. Hopefully, the hay will dry out some on its 8 hour journey to our house this weekend. We bought the hay from Mark's brother when we were visiting down south a couple of weeks ago. Mark actually got to bale it too; like old times when he was a farmer boy. Do you see the trees in the distance? In the middle of those trees is our old home. We planted all of those trees and over time created our own forest. We also dug a pond in the middle and stocked it with fish and had rope swings and log crossings to an island. We created our own little wilderness. All on about an acre. We had a fire pit and log benches and people always loved to come to our house for parties. Fun times, but I don't miss them. We live in the real wilderness now.


  1. Don't you wish you could dial God up and order the weather you need?


  2. I wouldn't miss your old place either, what with that slice of heaven you live in now.

    We haven't had any moisture to speak of either. Though we desperately need it, I'm afraid that by the time we get any moisture it will be snow and I'm not ready for that!

  3. but we do miss you guys being here though!


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