Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Buck

Startled awake from the dog, I jumped up the 8 foot embankment, my 6 by 6 antlers lowered for attack. I blew a warning and shook my head at the intruder who stood about 7 feet away. A noise from the left and the dog stopped its movement. I looked and saw a two legged creature gazing at me from about twice the distance of the dog. Its eyes were round with wonder and its body still. I lunged at the dog for good measure and turning quickly I bounded away to find another place for my slumber.


  1. In the mind of a buck -- cool. When I brought Betty home from her clinic in Colorado we saw about 5 or 6 bucks alongside the interstate and they all had huge racks. Now I know what they were thinking.


  2. Pictures, we need pictures! I am a visual type guy. No imagination!


  3. How did he get ahold of your computer?


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