Friday, October 15, 2010

Garberville, California

Garberville lies along the south fork of the Eel River about 52 miles south of Eureka and 4 and half hours north of San Francisco. Our home town is actually Miranda, but Garberville is the closest 'big' town. Last census had its population a little over 2,000.
You really have to watch out for the traffic rush~and the crowded sidewalks at noon.
Perhaps you might want to stop in and get a cup of coffee by the iron horses and under the windmill~
or a bite to eat at a long standing diner. I can remember eating here as a teenager.
Lots of visitors stop in at the hemp store as this county is well known for the its grass. And not the kind our cows eat, well, sometimes they have been known to wander.....
Garberville, small though it may be, does have a theater and a chain grocery store and
a wonderful natural foods store that sells our beef.Garberville often seems like one has stepped back into the 60's. The pace is slower; no suburban sprawl, no malls or megastores and lots of tie dye. Its mellow and relaxed and honestly, you can find just about anything you might need here. There are a lot of little shops and the person behind the counter will probably be the owner and learn to know you by name. There is something really nice about that. We are often asked how 'we' are accepted here, since we eat meat, drive a big truck and don't normally wear tye die. And we can honestly say we have been blessed with open arms.
Come visit the area someday and tell us what you think.


  1. Hopefully, God willing, we'll be your way in the summer/early fall of 2012.


  2. Your post reminded me of the story about the wiseman sitting by the gates of a city. A stranger asked him what kind of people lived there. The wiseman asked what kind of people lived where the stranger came from. "Oh, they are stingy rotten thieves." "Tsk," said the wiseman, "you'll find the same here." So the stranger left.

    A few minutes later another stranger arrived and asked what kind of people lived in the city. The wiseman again asked what kind of people lived where the new stranger came from. "Oh, they are kind and helpful." "Then," said the wiseman, "you will find the same kind of people here."

    Thanks for coming here and embracing us. You made it easy for us to love you.

  3. What a trip back in time :) Some things have changed, but not the Eel River Cafe, where I ate with my dad... wow. Years have flown by... what a great small town though. I don't think I really appreciated what a beautiful area that is when I was there. I do now!

  4. Sounds lovely, indeed! Thanks for sharing that fun little place.


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