Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Gray Ghost

The dirt road was lit narrowly by the headlights, while the golden grasses alongside the road seemed to glow from the starlight that streamed down from above. Off to the right we saw movement, a gray form coming out from the shadows under the oak trees. A ghost in the night. On stiff, stilted legs, off of the slight embankement it leaped in front of our truck. Was it courage or foolishness that brought this creature into our path? A braying sound and then a long eared head showed up in our headlights. We braked as quickly as our heavy laden truck and hay trailer could manage and the gray ghost jumped out of the way just in the nick of time. We continued to roll down our driveway, thinking the danger was past. But no, it returned, zigzagging in front of us like a running back carrying the ball. Soon he stopped again, squared off in our headlights and brayed. It appeared to be an ambush. We slowed but did not stop. The hay was not for him. We wouldn't give it up no matter how hard he tried. He brayed again and stomped a hoof and the trailer brushed along his side as we drove past his outraged form. We looked behind us and saw his silhouette kicking his heels up and taking off after us. We beat him to the gate and the hay rolled safely into our compound.
Good night, and good luck.


  1. That's great. Thanks for the smile on this rainy morning in Fort Collins.


  2. such a cute story!!!! Love it!!! I love reading your blog so I am encourageing it to keep going!!!! I love your stories and your writting:)

  3. Honest to gosh, the Henry of my nightmares.

    Nothing like having a good Judge of Hay around.


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