Thursday, October 14, 2010


I keep this blog primarily as a means of remembering. And we have a lot to remember this week.

Brian and April came out and Brian brought his skid steer and cleaned all around and in our barn. Yahooo! That was so much quicker than me and my shovel. A million thanks Brian. Later that night our unofficially adopted kids, Dylan and Cheri arrived for a two month visit with their adorable family and with the news that they have one more in the oven! Yahoo again.

Our hay arrived and it was dry. Apparently, we did get our order in for the weather and while it rained a few miles away, our stack stayed dry. Pretty providential. The truck and trailer can't make it up our road so it was offloaded at the winery along the 101 and friends and family all pitched in to get it hauled up the hill, repeatedly. I wasn't part of the crew as I stayed home and made a pot roast dinner for when the work was done. Sooo, no photos of of the cool shots of men working under a relentless sun. Thanks a million Brian, Eric, Zac, Dennis, Travis,and Dennis's nephew who I don't know his name. Dennis and crew didn't know that they were going to be unloading hay all day, but Mark found them at the local diner and talked them into it!

Sunday evening our son-in-law arrived with his father in tow to enjoy some R&R and give his dad a tour of the place.

Made the decision to pass on Miss Riley on to a new home. Began the process that will end next week when she will travel to Maria's place. Maria is an avid backcountry horseperson and she is very excited to be adding Riley to her string. After the accidents I just couldn't get the nerve up to ride her, even after Jo put in a month working on her. The darn mule can just jump too high and she is too smart for me!
Guys go pheasant hunting in the Eel River Valley with a friend of Eric. It was Spice the dog's first day retrieving and I am told she did great.

Guys go fishing in the ocean and catch halibut. It was a beautiful sunny day, but Eric the bold did get sick. Good thing for him that one of the county supervisors came by and gave him a ride back to dock Only in Humboldt!

Thursday: Donnie and Dad left with frozen halibut and steaks tucked away in the suitcase. Love ya, glad you could make it.

There, now I feel all caught up and can move on......


  1. Great post. When we come visit can we take away halibut and steaks too?

    Pretty please.


  2. wow! I was there for all that and I'm still more tired now from the description than I was at the time. mark

  3. I'm tired from just reading your post!

  4. ohmigoodness. where have I been? I have been sitting here catching up... after reading your post I had to go back through and catch up with you, and drool over the Huckleberries, and wish I could squeeze those cute kids, and laugh manically over that mule having a few apples, and marvel at the bears. wow.

    those look like nice, huge Huckleberries. must go pick some, soon!

    so now. take a little rest!


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