Friday, October 22, 2010

The Subaru

All week I have been using my car as a truck, as the Kubota is still down, and Mark is busy delivering wood. I really needed to go around and check on cows and all the new calves and having a little hay along makes the job easy, so I just loaded it into my Subaru outback. It is an all terrain vehicle you know.

I found one old cow lame with a new bull calf. Cow and calf are going to be moved into the home pasture for alfalfa and some TLC. It looks like this will be her last calf. Her hip is just about gone. Her daughter has decided that since mom can't walk very fast she can babysit the grand calf all day. Old mama doesn't seem to mind though.

I also discovered that the first cow to calf, who happens to be the above mentioned daughter, had a bull chasing her tail. So it was time to move the bulls in as we don't want them bred just yet. Sounds like a scary job, but it wasn't. I just tooted my Subaru's horn and hollered and opened the hatchback so they could see the hay and three of the bulls and their entourage of cows followed me into the corral. Normally, we separate the bulls into the lane and then shoo out the cows, but Kate the dog and I decided to just feed the bulls right where they were in the arena, and shoo out the ladies around them. It worked perfectly. The ladies know me and respect me and when I said go, they went, while the big boys just kept contently eating. Later, when the hay was gone they had surprised looks on their faces to see that they were all alone and penned up. Clay, our oldest, biggest bull is something of a grain lover. I found him near the middle barn and corral, so I just got some grain and walked him in. Easy as pie.

If only cleaning out the Subaru was so easy. Note to self, next time you load hay in the back, put a tarp in first!


  1. Boys can be guided by food - human or bovines:)


  2. Ahh, love that picture!!! Really love that picture! What a cutie pie.


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