Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Carol of the Cows

We began gathering the cattle on Sunday, thinking it would take us a couple of days. But they are becoming quiet trained and they were a bit hungry for some alfalfa, so we were able to get all but 4 on the first day. That is a first for us. Yesterday Jo and I got the hiding cows with the horses, and on foot, as they went in an area that was too dangerous to ride into. This morning we sent in the 15 calves that were born last spring and today all 22 cows that have not yet calved got preg checked. They didn't like it much and refused to sign the waiver to let me photograph the experience. But honestly, I can't really blame them. Can you? Unfortunately, 12 were not far enough along in their pregnancy or not pregnant, so they will be going on a little road trip to the auction. I am a bit sad. On a funny note we brought in the old lame cow and her month old calf and she wasn't as crippled as we thought as she chased Johanna and Eric around the arena a bit. Apparently, she follows much better than being pushed. She wouldn't fetch us much at the auction and she is still producing milk for the calf, so she will be my winter lawn ornament. Or maybe our new guard dog.


  1. If we're gonna put her to work as guard we probably should post a warning sign at the gate. "Beware of guard cow"? "Do not leave alfalfa in your car"? "Got milk"? Something like that. mark

  2. LOL love the Guard Cow idea! Need something on your sing that has MAD COW in it..hehehe

  3. At least they worked off some pounds on their way to the alfalfa - and it's hard for a girl to keep her slim shape.



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