Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mice, Bucks and Slugs

It seems we are being overrun with all three.

The mice have apparently moved into our house due to the inclement weather. We told them they did not have reservations and would they please depart. They just ran over our feet. We brought Kate in and they decided she was the recreation leader. We got high pitched devices to plug in and they just put on ear muffs. I am afraid we may have to enlist the help of some assassins. They don't charge much they only want to eat what they kill. Oh my.

The bucks are in rut. Super charged with male hormones and on the scent of a doe they stumble and stagger in front of us as we walk or drive our vehicles. They act pretty retarded. A neighbor blogged of 2 who got in a fist fight over one of the doe eyed beauties wandering these hills. Check it out here.

We see the pacific banana slugs have returned with the wet weather. They are everywhere. On our porch, heading to the dog food, eating our lettuce. What the one on our hitch was looking for we will never know. But he did get a ride. I am not totally sure how it ended, but I think not good.


  1. Yeah... not good... that probably sums it up. How, and Why did it climb on the hitch anyway? mark

  2. Tami those are like pithy poems. And the last made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the link and the food for my heart!

  3. I'm afraid we go to kill traps for the mice. And I'm glad we don't have slugs, especially big, greenish-yellow ones like that.


  4. Those are the grossest slugs I've ever seen. True, there aren't many slugs here, but those are gross.

  5. UC Santa Cruz and several high schools name their teams after those slugs. That is how big and fierce they are.

  6. I can highly recommend the peanut butter & bucket traps for the mice. They are very effective, safe for your house and animals and you just toss the dead bodies out in the morning.


  7. Garrett would be so excited at your place. Deer everywhere, awesome slugs to be found around every corner, and mice to catch. Oh yeah!

  8. mice - aarrrghhhhh! we have a never ending battle with mice here. I can't stand the little buggers. get into EVERYTHING.
    and the pack rats! double arggghhhh!
    > : (
    and our cat just watches the mice, she has no interest in catching them. she does, however, catch and eat pack rats - on the living room floor.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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