Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mushroom Season

Our friend Dylan, the spring time poesy picker, has been out collecting mushrooms. Chanterelles, oysters, slippery jacks and ringo something or another.
These are chanterelle mushrooms he is putting into the dehydrator.

Many pounds of mushrooms were gathered and he ended up with only about 8 oz worth. Of course, after re-hydrating they will be yummy in many recipes.
He sauteed up some fresh for eating as well,
and made a delicious beef strogonaff.


  1. ...and we didn't die, or howl at the moon, or anything weird... mark

  2. My husband would be in absolute heaven with all those mushrooms. I personally don't eat them, but I've heard all sorts of good stuff about them (still not gonna eat 'em).

  3. Lol @ mark!!
    That looks delicious!!

  4. MMmmm good! Those chanterelles look great - we love ours.

    We never touch all the other varieties we see growing wild - though lots of our neighbors do.

  5. I love mushrooms, but I don't know enough about them to trust picking any in the wild. I also love his t-shirt. Great message.


  6. Even though I'm absolutely stuffed from all my Thanksgiving munching, that stroganoff still looks delicious!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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