Monday, November 8, 2010

San Francisco Walk About

We drove some friends to the San Francisco Airport this weekend and took the opportunity to explore the city a bit. It was a gorgeous day and we walked our legs off, but none of the photos really capture the sparkle of the sky or the glimmer of the sun or the fresh scent of the ocean air. I think our camera needs fixing. The scent button doesn't seem to be working.


  1. Hey great post. I am not a traveller and so will never actually get to San Francisco, this post made me feel like I was there....Thanks

  2. Really, really pretty. Never been. My sister lived there for a while and really liked it. Thanks for the photos.

  3. omigosh. I thought those sea lions were rocks. how funny.

    thanks for the tour through "the city." this fall weather has been perfect for walkabout, and the photos do capture this. my camera doesn't have a scent setting, either. darnet.

    did you stop in wine country on the way back north?


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