Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Kate says, "Woman, what you doing? Get back in the house there and get back to work on the bookkeeping. "
And instead I let myself get sidetracked and shoot random, not so good, photos from my porches.
Sometimes, I crack myself up with ways to procrastinate.
And my back is hurting from sitting so long today and I think I will make a pot of tea now and enjoy the view.


  1. That's the attitude. Down here we call it 'Manana.' Most people think that means 'tomorrow' and it can, but it really means 'not now.'


  2. Yes. Nice.
    As you know, I too love to grab the camera and wander. SO satisfying. I mean, why else are we here, but to see, notice and enjoy? That is the question.

  3. I always love your pictures. Procrastinate away, TJ, I'm just fine with that.

  4. Thanks. I'm just enjoying your view with you very nice. It is so nice to see green things and life. Over here we have about 6 more months of this ugly to look at.

  5. And what a lovely view it is. I could see myself wanting to take pictures all the time.


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