Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Making of a Christmas Card

Jo called and asked us to go with her and Eric to take a photo of them for their Christmas Card. Easy enough.Jo's horse Chica gets a bow and a pack saddle while munching on some hay.

Then they added antlers and some bells and silver garland and shiny ornaments.
Jo kept giving her some little treats that she found lip smacking good.
All loaded and ready to lead out for the photo. Then I think the bells or baubles shining in her peripheral vision sent her on a wild romp.....

Check out the following post for a short video of her action.


  1. I guess Chica's just not in the Christmas spirit. That's really great.

    Chica is what we called each of our granddaughters until we knew their names after they were born.


  2. Ohmigoodness!!! I needed that! Ahahahahhhaaaa! I can't stop laughing!

    I loved the photo of the lipsmackin' good treats, and then the video just tipped the scales. Good Job, Chica. I mean, what the hay. All that jingling is annoying.

    And, speaking of annoying, I was quite impressed with the authority present in the "LOAD UP!"

    Thanks you guys!


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