Monday, January 31, 2011

Chickens and Demise of Goats

Recently, we got some more hens off of craigs list. We were down to just a couple chickens due to an untimely visit of a neighboring dog and a golden eagle. Really. The bird would swoop down and just pick them up. I penned the chickens up for a few weeks and broke the cycle and then after I turned them out the dog came a wandering. Poor little hens. That was all over 6 months ago and I haven't since seen the bird or the dog, so I decided to chance it.
This is the rooster that survived the former attack and he isn't into the new ladies too much yet. He still sticks pretty close to his main squeeze. This fiesty white leghorn that survived as well. They are very bonded. They are a couple. And they both need names. Although, maybe if I name them they will fall onto hardship as these two are the only ones that weren't named before. Hmmm.
Cool thing about the new birds is that a couple of them lay blue and green eggs. They are Araucanas. I also have golden laced wyandottes and Buff Orpingtons who lay brown eggs. The white leghorns lay white eggs and lots of them. They seem to be the best layers of them all. I hope to also get some Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rock. I had some before and I really like them.

We figured out the demise of our goats. Eric came to our house on Sunday night to wait for us bringing his wife home to him and he brought the terrier pups he is watching. Eric fell asleep in the recliner waiting and the pups were outside unattended. We discovered a heavy path of small footprints around and around our pond and after dragging the goats out of the water it was discovered that they had some small bites on ears and noses. A very tragic demise I am afraid, but at least the mystery is solved.


  1. Oh, TJ.I am so sorry that you had to come home to find such a traumatic situation. That's definitely the down side of ranch life. Animals do what animals do, no matter how domestic we think they may be. Oh, and just remember that Maui is only a plane ride away!!!!

  2. Sorry again about the little ones. I think the rooster and hen should be named 'Sonny and Cher.'


  3. Sorry to hear of your little ones:(
    That is very sad:(

  4. Bummer about the goats! How disappointing.

    Love the colored eggs - I want to get some new chicks this spring and Aracunas are on my wish list. They were sold out last time I ordered.

  5. Either you have tiny hands, or that's a HUGE egg. Are you sure you didn't get a lil ostrich in that batch of chickens?!

  6. Good eye, Mikey! Tammies's hands are perfectly normal for a beautiful woman of her size and age... that hen lays SERIOUS eggs. mark


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