Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

"Um Sir," said the cow, "Do you realize it is 42 degrees out"

"Well yes I do," said the man, "but in my mind it is 80."

The sandals though, they turned out to be a bad idea.


  1. Lol, someone's ready to go to Hawaii

  2. love it!!!:) The cow just needed a grass skirt and it would have felt like hawaii:)

  3. I guess it's a case of mind over matter?

    He looks cute in his shorts.


  4. I have just got to send this to our friends in Montana! They already think we are all crazy from California. I will make sure to tell them you are from "Northern California"

    Love it!
    Rick P.

  5. You go, Mark!

    I like the whole, "The sandals though, they turned out to be a bad idea."


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